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PaintArmor on Amazon USA! Easy DIY removable protection for paint! Clear Bra, Clear Wrap

About PaintArmor:

  • SAVE YOUR PAINT! PaintArmor is at least 3X thicker than wraps! PaintArmor is a Rugged, REMOVABLE, Eco Friendly non-spray DIY Protection for your paint! SAFE Glueless adhesion offering STRONG PROTECTION from Rocks, Scratches, bugs, roadsalt and other debris. Great for Street, Race and Off-Road. PaintArmor makes caring for your paint even easy since dirt, debris and bushes never touch your original paint. Washing is easy too as PaintArmor easily resists damage from automated car washes.
  • EASY, NON-SPRAY APPLICATION & REMOVAL WITH TOOLS YOU ALREADY HAVE, or are at the local hardware store: Application is simple with just a paint roller or an edging brush. PRINTED DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS are included in the shipping package, along with links for How-To Videos. Paint Armor is REPAIRABLE and small sections can be easily repaired without a complete re-do.
  • REMOVABLE! Easily removed at room temperature (application and removal should be completed between 70 and 85 Degrees Fahrenheit, 20-30 Celcius), no special tools required. *NOTE* if you are applying PaintArmor over chipped, matte, plastic, rubber OR if you intend to leave PaintArmor on longer than 6 months, be sure to purchase our product ColorX NanoCoat. NanoCoat is a pre-post coating for PaintArmor that will ensure easy removal on any substrate.
  • MADE IN USA! PaintArmor is a high tech coating with a UNIQUE dimpled finish offers rugged look with strong impact and scratch resistance. A wide selection of colors are available. OPTIONAL TOP COATINGS like ColorX NanoCoat and ArmorShell are available to further enhance coating strength and debris shedding capabilities.
  • COST EFFECTIVE! 1 quart is enough to coat the front bumper and front portion of hood on many vehicles. 1 pint is great for small projects such as motorcycles or small sections of vehicles like door sills, tail gate edge, hood front edge, mirrors etc. ECO & MONEY SAVER: Prevent chips & scratches, avoid paint repairs that can be expensive and very polluting. PaintArmor is Water based and eco friendly. *Packaging image is representative. Sizes and labels can vary from the image.

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