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Paint Chip Sticker 塗装カラーマッチ ステッカー 環境に優しいリペアー

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Paint Chip Sticker ペイントチップステッカーを使用する事で、小さな傷を数秒で目立たなくする事が出来ます。また、タッチアップペンよりも使い勝手がよく、汚れや匂いを気にする必要はありません。微妙に位置の調整も可能。塗布は非常に簡単です。Paint Chip Stickerは、1度塗布したとしても、簡単に再配置できます。さらに、接着剤に空気抜きチャネルがあります。 チップや傷をカバーするのに数秒しかかかりません!


  1. CLEAN your paint with a good quality car shampoo. Rinse and dry thoroughly.
  2. TEMPERATURE is important. Apply between 70-90F or 20-30C. Warm or cool your work area as needed.
  3. MEASURE your chip, scratch or blemish and decide which sticker will work best.
  4. REMOVE PaintChipSticker(s) FROM SHEET. Sometimes a razor or knife tip will help in removing the sticker from the sheet and applying to the paint. The shapes are cut by a robot that applies some pressure, the backing paper gets a slight outline cut as well. Using just your finger or bending the backing may cause the backing to come away with the sticker. If you see this happen, stop and use a sharp edge to lift the vinyl away from the backing and you won't have any issue.
  5. APPLY PaintChipStickers TO THE PAINT with light pressure, reposition as needed. When happy with placment press the sticker down with strong pressure. This will flatten the air release channels and complete the adhesion and seal.
  6. TO REMOVE PAINT CHIP STICKERS, again temperature is important and removal should be in a 70F plus room or you may want to use a hair dryer or heat gun to warm the sticker to 90-100F. It will then more easily be removed. Do not apply heat in excess of 100F to your paint as this may cause damage.
  7. NOTES: If you have a chip or scratch to the metal, you may want to clean and seal the area before applying PaintChipStickers. Contact us for advice. If after a few years, the removed PaintChipStickers leave some adhesive residue, it can be removed with non-solvent adhesive removers available online at at auto parts stores.

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