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USED trailer toad for sale - towing dolly reduces tongue weight

Sale price $2,399.00 Regular price $3,399.00


In Phoenix area. Local pickup. Will ship on a pallet at additional charge.

  • The trailer toad removes tongue weight from the towing vehicle by acting as it's own suspension equipped (built in torsion axle) dolly between the tow and trailer vehicles.
  • Bought this toad around 2009 max tongue weight 3000lb and max towing weight 20,000lb
  • Smooths out bumps in the road and saves your coach or truck frame! 
  • Reduces tongue load on towing vehicle to zero
  • Protect your truck/motor home from damages caused by rough roads and too much tongue weight. 
  • Better Handling in all conditions, reduced sway on windy days.
  • Better stopping and much smoother ride when towing.

Have you ever noticed the motor homes that tow trailers have bulges in the sidewalls,
The rear cap seam is cracked or has been resealed several times?
This is from body and frame flex!
Motor homes are not designed to carry the tongue weight of enclosed trailers, period!
The TRAILER TOAD is the ONLY Motor home trailer hitch that can protect your coach by carrying all of the trailer tongue weight.