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World's first Vinyl Wrap like Bed Liner! 3M Vinyl Wrap

Introducing RuggedWrap, the world's first Vinyl Wrap that looks like Bed Liner!

Vinyl Wrap like bed liner - Rugged WrapRuggedWrap has a cool rugged bed liner on body look that is easier to wash than Bed Liner.

RuggedWrap is available in stocked colors and also as an OEM Color Match vinyl wrap. 

Vinyl Wrap like bed liner - Rugged WrapIn Addition, there are two finishes available, Fine Finish and Heavy Duty finish. Start installing RuggedWrap in your wrap shop or ask you local wrap shop to do an install!
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Eco-Friendly Auto Refinishing

Less Pollution, Faster Results

Color Match Wrap: A greener way to fix auto paint and refinish parts with significantly fewer harmful emissions than traditional paint methods!


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