Rusted Wrap - Natural Patina that you customize yourself on the car!

Rusted Wrap Patina Vinyl - Sandable Customizable Wrap!

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  • How to make patina: RustedWrap is Vinyl Wrap with an aged paint appearance and texture. More still, it's sandable! In a few minutes create your own patina to reveal a 'primer' color layer where it would fall on natural body lines over years of weathering.

  • Many Colors: Rusted Wrap is available in colors on this page -- and can be made to order in colors you specify (call to discuss your project -- extra cost applies to custom colors).

  • Fully conformable to body panels like any color change wrap. High quality Avery adhesive. Thicker and stronger than standard vinyl -- provides valuable protection to original finish from rock chips & scratches.

  • Solid Drivability, weather resistant: drive in the rain, snow... go through car washes.

  • Apply within 70-90 degrees to very clean and dry painted surface.
  • Gentle heat from heat gun can be useful to relax wrinkles in vinyl or help conformity on curves, but heating and stretching is not necessary.
  • Film has a natural aged patina finish and you can augment it by wetsanding (wetsand kits available from us). When you wetsand you slowly reveal the under color, which is typically a 'primer' like color. Be careful and go slow, if you see any white, STOP, this is the base vinyl.
  • You can sand and put some patina on now and later some more! For an overall fine finish, you may consider wetsanding the whole surface quickly with 1500 grit wetsand paper. This will provide a silky smooth surface.
  • Further on finishing, you can also opt to gently buff with a fine buffing compound. This will provide a smooth and satiny finish.

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