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RuggedWrapPRO - Trackday & Offroad Tough Paint Protection Vinyl LARGE FORMAT ROLLS

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  • This product is - Large Format RuggedWrap (4.5 foot wide rolls). Click here for our smaller DIY rolls.

  • RuggedWrap is a protective vinyl wrap that looks tough yet is smooth enough to be easy to wash & can be overlaid with other vinyl graphics. 

  • Real Protection: RuggedWrap is 5X Thicker Than a Standard Vinyl Wrap yet when heated on application to curvy surfaces, RuggedWrap is perfectly conformable to curves.
  • Reliable Adhesive Layer:  Avery air release adhesive layer for reliable adhesion and removal.
  • Incredible Self Healing Capabilities: Designed with thicker material and superb resiliency.
  • Scratch resistant: dimpled surface resists scratching and if scratched, damage limited to only high points.
  • Removability better protected: RuggedWrap better protects the base adhesive and vinyl resins and dramatically reduces the escape of resins and hardening of the wrap, thus aiding in easy removal even over time and in harsh environments.
  • Laminate-friendly: RuggedWrap Fine Finish can be laminated in your shop for the desired finish.
  • Ceramic Coating-friendly RuggedWrap can be coated with ceramic coatings, waxes etc.
  • Warranty: Expected Performance is 5 years. Detailed Warranty is here.
Make more money by offering RuggedWrap installations:
  • Rocker panel Protection in the Truck and SUV market
  • Hood Protection
  • Door sill Protection
  • Tailgate Protection
  • Track day cars rock chip Protection
  • Full Vehicle Wrap jobs with a RuggedWrap
  • RV & Trailer front Rock Chip Protection
  • Semi Truck front Rock Chip Protection
  • Fleet Rock Chip and Scratch Protection
  • Bumper wrapping with a Rugged Look
  • You will invent more, let us know!

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