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Color Match Wrap, APPLICATION GUIDE: Vinyl that Matches Paint Color!


NEW TO WRAPPING? We can include* a practice sheet of vinyl with larger orders... if you'd like one be sure to request one with notes on your order. Use this piece to get used to wrapping or to prototype a tough shape. 
    • REMEMBER Even if your vinyl gets wrinkled or bunched, it's not ruined! Pull it off the panel, hinge one edge of the vinyl to the panel, suspend the rest above the body and use a heat gun to gently heat the vinyl. It will come back to it's original shape, eliminating wrinkles any number of times! Practice again and again! Watch a video here https://youtu.be/tFuBPAfC2GA (search YouTube for "color match wrap how tough is it?")
    • Color Match Wrap Tack Reducer (https://www.colorxlabs.com/products/tack-reducer-vinyl-wrap) spray can make your practice easier. Tack Reducer is applied to the body panel before wrapping and, by reducing the adhesion of vinyl, it helps new wrappers practice and aids prototyping difficult shapes.
    • If you need to apply graphics using an application tape, be sure to coat Color Match Wrap with our tack reducer before hand. Test on a small section to achieve the right release. Failure to use tack reducer and application tape may damage the laminate.
    • Color Match Wrap NanoCoat is a great protective coating for vinyl - and can make the application easier and protect the vinyl during application. NanoCoat helps the squeegee and cloth glide over the vinyl and reduce the risk of microscratching during application. It also extends the life of vinyl and makes it easier to wash. Order your vinyl pre-coated with NanoCoat so your application goes more smoothly and buy some NanoCoat for long term protection.
    • For PaintChipSticker application sometimes a razor or knife tip will help in removing the sticker from the sheet and applying to the paint. The shapes are cut by a robot that applies some pressure, the backing paper gets a slight outline cut at that time and using just your finger or bending the backing may sometimes cause the backing to come away with the sticker. If you see this happen, stop and use a sharp edge to lift the vinyl away from the backing and you won't have any issue. 
  1. PRACTICE A) Start with a clean flat surface at a temperature between 70-85F (20-30C) and practice so that you can get a small piece of vinyl perfectly laid down without bubbles or wrinkles.
    1. It helps to anchor one side and tension evenly to a glassy surface then hinge down the material. Work out bubbles or wrinkles by with a squeegee and by lifting portions of the wrap and working wrinkles or bubbles to the edge. On larger pieces or curves an extra set of hands will help tensioning the vinyl to a glassy surface before laying it down on the panel.
  2. PRACTICE B) You can remove the practice sheet, hinge one end down and warm it with your heat gun. It will return to it's original shape any number of times. 
  3. PRACTICE C) Move on to a curved part of the body and practice.
  4. PRACTICE D) When it comes time to wrap with Color Match Wrap, start with the simplest section of your project and move to the more difficult parts.
  5. PRACTICE E) You may want to use our tack reducer until you are used to wrapping. Tack Reducer is also useful on chromes, softer paints or difficult shapes. Note that it will reduce adhesion strength so test it and be sure you are comfortable with it and that it suits your project. ColorMatchWrap.com takes no responsibility for the integrity or quality of your install.
  6. WRAPPING SOFTER PAINT OR CHROME? If you are wrapping some chrome types or softer paints you may want to use our Tack Reducer spray to reduce the adhesion strength. Always test small pieces of our vinyl on your project first before wrapping large surfaces.
  7. DO NOT OVER STRETCH only tension the film smooth without heat. Never heat and stretch! Do not use a torch, only mild electric heat gun heat.
  8. This vinyl adhesion pressure sensitive. This makes it easier to place and re-position for install, it won't stick too strongly at first placement (see above tack reducer spray to further reduce the initial tack). The adhesion is completed through pressure to the film. Use a squeegee with felt cover or microfiber cloth to press firmly and complete the adhesion.
  9. USE INSET PIECES AND MAKE A LASTING APPLICATION Some parts that have very curved parts should be wrapped with multiple pieces. Use inset pieces on strongly indented/curved parts of panels, or where a lot of wrap will naturally come together and bunch up. Post heat curvy areas to be sure your install is sound. Knifeless tape is a good tool to create inset pieces. A knifeless cut can sometimes be a little jagged. A hand cut straight strip over this seam may provide a clean install and lasting seam.
  10. USE HEAT ONLY TO RELAX FILM Mild heat gun heat can be used to relax the film. Do not use heat to warm the film and then stretch heated film.
  • Color Match Wrap NanoCoat (https://www.colorxlabs.com/products/nanocoat-vinyl-protection-and-gloss-enhancer) will protect and extend the live of vinyl wrap as well as make vinyl much easier to care for.
  • Care: Rinse with a soap rinse first and then use gentle car soap and soft cloth or sponge. Do not scrub with strong soap or coarse fibers. Use our NanoCoat product once a month to help your vinyl last longer.
*The practice piece of vinyl is a free courtesy and may not always be included, depending on availability. We can sell you a practice piece that is of a specific size if desired.
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