Body Paint Color Matching Vinyl Wraps
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Color Match Wrap, APPLICATION GUIDE: Vinyl that Matches Paint Color!

CLEAN all surfaces and behind panel edges well. Rapid Tac is a good cleaner and application fluid.
★ DO NOT OVER STRETCH only tension the film smooth without heat. Never heat and stretch! Do not use a torch, only mild electric heat gun heat.
This vinyl is very low initial tack and the adhesion is pressure sensitive. This makes it easy to place and re-position for install, it won't stick too strongly at first placement. The adhesion is completed through pressure to the film. Use a squeegee with felt cover or microfiber cloth to press hard and complete the adhesion.
★ APPLICATION TEMPERATURES Best results can be obtained from 70-85F and 20-30C. Heat or cool your workspace and vehicle to be within these temperatures. 
★ DO NOT OVER STRETCH only tension the film smooth without heat. Never heat and stretch! MILD TENSION ONLY As per best practices with cast vinyl, when applying Color Match Wrap, apply only very mild tension to achieve a glassy surface. If you overstretch, you will damage the gloss and film. Overstretching will also cause the film to return to original form on a warm day, shrinking back and resulting in a poor appearance.
USE INSET PIECES AND MAKE A LASTING APPLICATION Some parts that have very curved parts should be wrapped with multiple pieces. Use inset pieces on strongly indented/curved parts of panels, or where a lot of wrap will naturally come together and bunch up. Post heat curvy areas to be sure your install is sound. Knifeless tape is a good tool to create inset pieces. A knifeless cut can sometimes be a little jagged. A hand cut straight strip over this seam may provide a clean install and lasting seam. 
USE HEAT ONLY TO RELAX FILM Mild heat gun heat can be used to relax the film. Do not use heat to warm the film and then stretch heated film.
RETURN TO FORM Color Match Wrap will return to form under mild heat gun heat. If you have positioned a section and the adhesion is complete (pressure was applied via squeegee or hand pressure to complete the adhesion) remove that section from the panel, apply gentle heat with a heat gun and return to form for reapplication.
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Color Match Wrap is an air release vinyl wrap. This means it has air channels in the adhesive layer to help release air during application. This vinyl is also contact pressure sensitive and so the initial tack or 'stickyness' is light and allows easier placement and re-positioning -- but with firm pressure when you squeegee on the panel, it will make a strong bond to the panel. 

In North America, dry application is the norm but as with trends in Europe, we recommend application fluids. Use of application fluids like Rapid Tac on larger or tricky panels or in high temperatures can help yield great results and reduce waste. Rapid Tac is (available from Use Rapid Tac to thoroughly clean your surface and edges behind panels. Then spray Rapid Tac on both the vinyl surface and the body panel before application. Squeegee the vinyl down and the fluid and air will release more easily.

Do not use gas torches. Use only gentle electric heat gun with mild heat to relax the film or check application to curvy areas via post heating.

Scratch repair: Color Match Wrap can be gently buffed with a  very mild polishing compound.
Care: Wash as normal. Color Match Wrap is even durable in automated car washes. Ceramic coatings or waxes can be applied with no ill effects.