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Dealers - Sell Color Match Wrap - Body Paint Color Vinyl Wrap - Step 1

Thank you for your interest in becoming and installer shop for Color Match Wrap

Color Match Wrap opens the door to your business of new revenue and a larger pool of non traditional wrap customers.

What you could not do with standard vinyls, now you can!
-Body part true color matching
-Chrome delete
-Paint protection
-Paint repair
-Paint restoration
-Wrapping new oem and aftermarket body parts rather than painting
-Full color change in real oem colors with a wrap that has depth and gloss rivaling paint and protection as well! 

For the most forward thinking and acting businesses, we may opt to offer you exclusive access to Color Match Wrap in your area. This can provide a competitive advantage and incentive. 

As an initial step to get to know your business vision and how we may help, we'd like to ask the following questions. You can use the form below to copy/paste the Q&A

How many locations and staff do you have?

Do you have any staff with wrap certifications? Please advise number and type of certifications.

Do you have liability insurance?

How many and what kind of vehicles does your shop wrap per month?

What are the opportunities among your CURRENT clients for Color Match Wrap projects?

What are the opportunities among NEW clients for Color Match Wrap projects?

Our companion product, PaintChipStickers is also a great opportunity to provide fast effective chip and scratch repair with great margins and make a lot more potential contacts for your wrap business. Are you interested in this?

Please provide your website and social media pages.

What is the roadmap over the next six months for above website and social media pages.

Do you have a marketing plan for color match wrap projects? How would you brand your marketing efforts? We encourage you to leverage your brand strength but also present the product as powered by Color Match Wrap. We can work out details.

Any prospective clients that would be interested in moving on projects right away?

Do you have a current physical showroom type of location to consult with clients?

Do you have any plans for additional operations in or outside your current area?

Please tell us about the types of vehicles and demographics of your clientele.

What are the most exciting prospects for your business in the next six months?


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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Take Action on Climate Change! Color Match Wrap can fix auto paint and refinish parts faster with FAR fewer VOC emissions than paint!

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