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Color Match Wrap, a Vehicle Vinyl Wrap that Matches ANY OEM Paint Code

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★ Note on Samples, we prepare your car color on Vinyl about 9" X 3" You can put it side by side on your car and see the great match!
★ Note: Lamination is required before application, let us know if you do not have lamination equipment and we can offer optional services before shipping.
★ Don't want to wrap yourself? No problem, we can help locate a quality wrap shop to help. Contact Us
Note on pricing: Some complex pearls or candy type of colors may be more expensive to produce on vinyl. If this is the case, we will advise upon reviewing your order.

Color Match Wrap is the world's first true OEM paint code matching* vinyl wrap.
Color Match Wrap installs like a standard wrap, even easier, because there is more stability in the film.

Color Match Wrap is available in a XTX version. XTX is thicker and stronger than standard vinyl but installs like regular vinyl and will wrap around body edges for a seamless application.
Color Match Wrap matches a car's paint and it's a better 'clear bra' because it installs like a normal wrap. No more of those unsightly edges & borders that occur with clear bras. 

Toss that wrap color book! With Color Match Wrap, chose a real Lamborghini color as your color change wrap. It's a far more unique color change with fun story value!

Combine Color Match Wrap (same thickness as a standard wrap) with Color Match Wrap XTX on the front portions of the vehicle for a protective full color change wrap.


  • Color Match Wrap is about twice the thickness of a standard wrap, Color Match Wrap XTX is about 3X thicker** than standard vinyl with incredible film strength, providing real protection against rocks and scratches. Although thicker than a standard wrap, Color Match Wrap XTX is perfectly compliant to curves on and withstands heat guns and torches normally.

  • Color Match Wrap uses Avery Supreme (or 3M 1080 upon request) as a reliable base material.

  • Color Match Wrap can be overlaid with other vinyl graphics. Metallics are non-directional.

  • Knifeless Tape compatible (video here). 

  • Reliable Adhesive Layer: Avery Supreme (or 3M on request) air release adhesive layer for reliable adhesion and removal. 

  • Color Match Wrap XTX has incredible Self Healing Capabilities: Designed with thicker material and superb resiliency.

  • Removability better protected: Color Match Wrap better protects the base adhesive and vinyl resins and dramatically reduces the escape of resins and hardening of the wrap, thus aiding in easy removal even over time and in harsh environments.

  • Gloss, Satin or Matte Laminate-friendly: Color Match Wrap must be laminated in your shop or before it leaves our factory for the desired finish.

  • ArmorShell Protective Flexible Ceramic Coating is also available as a post-install coating. ArmorShell transforms any wrap to a non-polar, non dust collecting and extremely hydrophobic wrap. Debris like bugs etc. will simply rinse off with water, further prolonging the beauty and life of the wrap.

  • Warranty: Expected Performance is 5 years. Detailed Warranty is here

Make more money by offering Color Match Wrap installations:

  • Full Color Change Wraps in REAL automotive Colors. How much more fun is it to wrap a car in a true Ferrari color?

  • A Better Clear Bra: Color Match Wrap XTX can reproduce a vehicle's OEM color and provide a strong clear bra type of paint protection film, eliminating the need for the unsightly bra line across hoods and fenders.

  • Rocker Panel Protection in the Truck and SUV market

  • Hood Protection

  • Door sill Protection

  • Tailgate Protection

  • Track day cars rock chip Protection

  • RV & Trailer front Rock Chip Protection

  • Semi Truck front Rock Chip Protection

  • Fleet Rock Chip and Scratch Protection

  • Bumper wrapping in OEM color matching

  • You will invent more, let us know!

Fine Print:
Color Match Wrap is designed to match a new vehicle color, right down to the metallic size and sparkle.
*With a few exceptions, nearly all OEM color codes can be matched. In the case of matching a car's OEM color for a paint protection film, there can be a slight difference between Color Match Wrap and the body of a car in that color code due to time in the sun before wrapping and materials used. These differences will usually be modest but can be present. 
**Measurement case: 3M 1080 0.06mm, Color Match Wrap 0.18mm (laminated in gloss).

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