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Color Match Wrap, a Vehicle Vinyl Wrap that Matches ANY OEM Paint Code

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Color Match Wrap is made to match ANY automotive factory color, metallic or solid. Metallics are non-directional resulting in material savings and simplified application. Most colors are covered by our pricing above however some special pearls, transparent or complex colors & some motorcycle colors may be priced higher. In these cases, we will advise if there is a pricing adjustment (higher) after reviewing your order.


Color Match Wrap is designed to closely match automotive colors - as they were new in factory spec. Over time paint will change -- even among two new cars of the same color there can be variance. Given this, you'll find that Color Match Wrap is good match. You can expect some difference from your car's paint because we match to the factory spec and not to an individual car -- but you can also expect it to be acceptably close. We welcome custom projects where the vehicle may be older or vintage or custom, give us a call!


Color Match Wrap has depth and gloss that looks great and is also available in Satin or Matte (Satin/Matte requires upcharge) finishes. Color Match Wrap is self healing to a degree and can be coated with some ceramic or wax coatings - always test first on a small section or test sheet as coatings vary in compatibility.


Color Match Wrap is more scratch resistant than standard vinyl. It also offers more protection from rock chips and scratches (thicker and stronger than std. vinyl by 1.5 times). It also blocks most UV light. Many customers use Color Match Wrap as a  paint protection film (PPF). Color Match Wrap is an easier and faster install than many ppf materials - and Color Match Wrap, conforms around panel edges rather than needing borders and lines as many PPF films have.

★ Color Match Wrap is FUN!

Great for Chrome-Delete, Trim parts, Interior parts, a Better Clear Bra, A Cooler Color Change vinyl in REAL automotive colors with incredible depth!


Air release vinyl that installs around panel edges. READ OUR APPLICATION GUIDE!


Color Match Wrap has a warranty (details here)


Our cart will calculate a shipping rate. Note, however in some cases, it is not a final rate, we may adjust up or down after reviewing your address and the package.


Some transparent colors such as some current pearls can be more expensive to replicate on vinyl. We may upcharge at our discretion on those colors for rolls and samples. Note that due to the color and lamination process a margin of the edge may be unusable.

  • Color Match Wrap uses Top Quality Avery air release adhesive, making it a reliable, easy to apply wrap.

  • Color Match Wrap can be overlaid with other vinyl graphics. Metallics are non-directional, providing big material cost savings.

  • Knifeless Tape compatible (video here). 

  • Removability better protected: Color Match Wrap better protects the base adhesive and vinyl resins and dramatically reduces the escape of resins and hardening of the wrap, thus aiding in easy removal even over time and in harsh environments.

  • Gloss, Satin or Matte finished available. Color Match Wrap is available in a variety of gloss variants. If something other than gloss is required, please let us know at time of ordering as there may be an upcharge for non gloss finishes.

Color Match Wrap is a vinyl and is produced in smaller lots. We don't sell perfection. We sell very high quality. We guarantee a 98% defect free surface. It is a specialized and crafted product but there is possibility of small flaws in the surface however these are usually small and won't exceed the rate above.

How thick is Color Match Wrap?

**Measurement case: 3M 1080 vinyl thickness: 0.06mm, Color Match Wrap is0.08-0.10


Common Applications: Body paint color matching on chrome or other parts. Repair of paint scratches, ships, and other damage. Color wrapping of repaired or new parts. Color change to an oem color.


  • Good conformability with film thickness around 4mil the film is stable to apply. Does not tolerate overstretching. May require inset pieces
  • Air egress helps eliminate bubbles and wrinkles
  • Low initial tac of the adhesive allows for easier placement and adjustment
  • High Gloss, Satin or Matte finishes available, some may require additional charges
  • Durable for outdoor performance and color stability
  • Dimensionally stable backing liner for easier application
  • Long term removability. Warming work area, body surface and film may be required. Use of electric heat gun can aid and speed removal.


  • Shelf life 1.5 year from manufacture stored at room temperature. Use beyond this time frame may still be viable but unwarranted and may affect the strength of adhesion.
  • Application temperature room temperature to 90F or 32C, if over or under that use heating or cooling of work area.
  • Service Temperature: -50° to 180°F (-45° to 82° C)
  • Chemical resistance: Resistant to mild acids, alkali and salt. Do not expose to solvents or fuels and clean up immediately if this occurs. 

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