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FAQ Paint Color Match Vinyl Wrap - Color Match Wrap

Questions about Color Match Vinyl Wrap? We have answers!

Do you have my color? How good is the match? How long does vinyl last?

We can make nearly ANY color in vinyl wrap, order today and simply put your color in the order notes. Color Match Wrap is Made in USA!
Color Match Wrap is designed to closely match automotive colors - as they were NEW as per the factory spec. Over time paint will change -- even among two new cars of the same color there can be variance. Given this, you'll find that Color Match Wrap is a good match. You can expect some difference from your car's paint but you can also expect it to be acceptably close. Contact us for custom or vintage projects.
Vinyl can last years but the life you can expect depends on how much sun weather and abrasion or impacts (road debris) it sustains. Our vinyl is contact pressure sensitive and the adhesion is complete when you press firmly. As long as the surface is clean during application the vinyl will adhere strongly and is removable if you peel it off, but will not simply fall off in rain or washing.

What kind of material is the vinyl?

Color Match Wrap is it's own product and has it's own characteristics. Color Match Wrap is more stable and can be much faster to install than standard vinyl. Avery Dennison & Orafol are our adhesive supplier and the material has easy to apply air egress channels.

Will small pieces of vinyl such as the Paint Chip Stickers fall off in rain or car wash?

No, the adhesion is completed when you press firmly on install. As long as the surface is clean and you have pressed firmly, the adhesion will be secure. To remove, however you will normally need to warm up the surface somewhat with a heat gun or hair dryer to gently warm it to about 100F or 38C to enable easier removal.

Why does Color Match Wrap cost more than off-the-shelf non oem color vinyl?

Color Match Wrap is a paradigm shift. It offers the ability to paint without paint; to achieve any automotive color in with a good depth and gloss without having to paint, preserving the original finish and resale value. Note that it is vinyl and not as glossy as a high quality paint.
-Color Match Wrap is the answer to color matching body & trim parts
-Color Match Wrap is a great way to protect original paint
-Color Match Wrap is an amazing color change option
-Color Match Wrap is a great alternative to paint for new or aftermarket body parts
-Color Match Wrap is a fast and effective paint repair product
-Color Match Wrap is a better solution than paint for fleet vehicles with specific coloring
-Color Match Wrap is an excellent vintage car refinishing or protection option

If we consider the cost and complexity of painting body parts to match body color, Color Match Wrap can be quite competitive and offer chip and scratch protection. In the case of full color changes, the impact on resale value of custom paint that would destroy the original finish plus the cost of the paint job itself, Color Match Wrap has a significant advantage.

What we offer the automotive industry and car lovers is the ability to achieve OEM colors, depth and gloss without paint all the while protecting the original finish is the paradigm shift Color Match Wrap offers.

Where is my paint color code?

Paint Color Codes are in the door jam on most cars, underhood on many BMW and Mercedes, in the glove box for pre 2018 GM, door jamb for 2018+ GM , in the trunk area for VW and Audi. Let us know if you need any help!

How much does Color Match Wrap cost and how do I order my color in vinyl wrap?

Order Color Match Wrap on this page and input your color code in the order notes.

Do you have free samples?

Color Match Wrap is made to order and to your color. As such it cannot be free.

How much Color Match Wrap should I order?

Rolls are 4.5 feet wide and come in 3 foot increments long. Use our contact page or message us on this page with the details of your project and we'll help figure it out! Many bumper jobs require a 9 foot roll and for pickup trucks 9 feet can warp both front and rear bumpers.

How long does it take to get my Color Match Wrap?

Color Match Wrap is in high demand and it's made to order. Most orders take about two weeks to make your order and then we put it into transit. You'll get a tracking number for your shipment.

How much is shipping?

We offer pretty reasonable shipping worldwide. Our shopping cart will calculate the shipping to your location on checkout.
WE SHIP WORLDWIDE! Add items to your cart, input your country & postal code, and our cart will calculate your shipping rate automatically based on postal rates. If you are ordering outside the USA, there may be taxes/fees due to the carrier upon delivery that we cannot estimate and do not collect.

How to wrap... Do you have an install guide?
Yes, here!

What if I don't want to wrap myself? Can you wrap for me?

We can help find a good wrap shop in your area if you need. We can also wrap parts for you that you can ship to us! Just use our contact page to start out!

Any good wrap shop can also install Color Match Wrap. Check local shops and ratings. Tell them about our product. We can help them become a certified installer.
Color Match Wrap installs like any top grade air release vinyl. Let us know if you need help finding a good wrap shop.

What about care of Color Match Wrap? Can I wax, clay bar, ceramic coat or polish it?

Color Match Wrap can be waxed and usually ceramic coated (always test ceramic coatings on a bit of scrap first to be sure it does not attack the laminate, call us to order a compatible coating if unsure), and even buffed with a very mild compound! You can wash it just like you'd wash your car paint but it is important to use a good spray on, wipe off coating regularly to help keep the vinyl hydrophobic and easier to clean without scrubbing.

Does Color Match Wrap stick to glass or plastic?
Yes, as is it will stick to glass and most plastics on cars. A quick test on plastics is to use a piece of masking tape. If masking tape sticks, then vinyl will stick.

What is your return policy? & are made to order and are NOT RETURNABLE. If you want to check the match before ordering a larger roll, please order a sample or call us to discuss older car projects where the paint may be somewhat faded. We can still help but need to consult.

More Questions?
Contact us and let us know!
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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Take Action on Climate Change! Color Match Wrap can fix auto paint and refinish parts faster with FAR fewer VOC emissions than paint!

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