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NanoCoat Color Match Wrap vinyl wrap protection, gloss enhancer, easier install

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Color Match Wrap NanoCoat

  • EASIER VINYL INSTALL NanoCoat makes installing Color Match Wrap and all vinyls much easier since the squeegee glides over the vinyl more smoothly and the vinyl will be less prone to pick up micro scratches during install.
  • PROTECTS Strong UV blockers in formula. NanoCoat also helps protect vinyl from scratches & waterspotting.
  • IMPROVES Improves the feel and gloss (or depth of matte) & ease of cleaning. 
  • PROLONGS LIFE Keeps vinyl looking new longer, reduces scratching from washing.
  • ANTI STATIC Non greasy and anti-static, easy and fast to apply. Safe and water based, does not contain silicone, oils or waxes,

Use only on clean vinyl. May be used on gloss and matte finished vinyl. Apply in shaded area, spray surface with NanoCoat and wipe dry. Light buffing improves durability and finish but be careful not to buff vinyl aggressively. Re-apply every 3 weeks for maximum protection.