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Tack Reducer - vinyl wrap tack reducer for chrome wrap, softer paints or sensitive applications

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Color Match Wrap Vinyl Tack Reducer

  • GREAT FOR SENSITIVE APPLICATIONS & PROTOTYPING Tack Reducer is sprayed on the panel first and wiped dry in a few seconds. It reduces the aggressiveness of all vinyl adhesives and can be a great way to apply delicate vinyls, to prototype and practice and also ensure easier removability on sensitive or softer paints.
  • EXCELLENT FOR SOME CHROME OR SOFTER PAINTS Some chrome (some plastic chromes) can provide too much adhesion with vinyl adhesive. Likewise some custom or softer paints can do the same. Tack Reducer can ease installation and improve removal over time.
  • REMEMBER Even if your vinyl gets wrinkled or bunched, it's not ruined! You can hinge one side of the vinyl to a body panel, suspend the rest above the body and use a heat gun to gently heat the vinyl. It will come back to it's original shape, eliminating wrinkles any number of times!


  • Use only on clean surfaces in shade. 
  • Shake well for one minute.
  • Lightly spray on body panel and wipe with a micro fiber towel. 
  • Avoid applying to the panel edges as those areas are where you may want some extra adhesion.
  • Always test first with and without tack reducer, applying a small piece of vinyl to determine if Tack Reducer suits your application.
  • Remove Tack Reducer with isopropyl alcohol. Apply some isopropyl alcohol to a microfiber cloth and wipe the area coated with Tack Reducer to remove it.
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