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Tack Reducer PRO vinyl wrap tack reducer for chrome wrap, softer paints or sensitive applications

vinyl wrap tack reducer

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Color Match Wrap Vinyl Tack Reducer PRO

    • EASY SPRAY ON Tack Reducer is sprayed on the panel first and wiped dry in a few seconds. A little goes a long way - normally one bottle can coat an entire vehicle.

    • REDUCE INITIAL TACK - SPEED APPLICATION It reduces the aggressiveness of all vinyl adhesives and can help speed application times

    • GREAT FOR NEW PAINT, SOFTER PAINT AND DELICATE VINYL Can be a great way to apply delicate vinyls, to prototype and practice and also ensure easier removability on sensitive or softer paints.

    • MORE TIME Tack Reducer PRO gives you more time and more reposition-ability on all vinyl wraps.

    • GREAT FOR HOT CLIMATE APPLICATIONS Can also help speed applications in high heat conditions.

    • BETTER REMOVABILITY OVER TIME Tack Reducer can ease installation and improve removal of vinyl wraps over time.


    • Use only on clean surfaces in shade. 
    • Shake well for one minute.
    • Lightly spray on body panel and wipe with a micro fiber towel. 
    • Avoid applying to the panel edges as those areas are where you may want some extra adhesion.
    • Always test first with and without tack reducer, applying a small piece of vinyl to determine how to best approach your project.
    • Remove Tack Reducer with isopropyl alcohol. Apply some isopropyl alcohol to a microfiber cloth and wipe the area coated with Tack Reducer to remove it.
    • Customize Coat twice for cases where you want even less tack. Reduce with distilled water for more tack, go slowly though, in increments of 10% by weight and test as you go.


    This item is HAZMAT free and VOC Compliant. Non-flammable, non-corrosive.


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