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Color Match Wrap deals for Military and First Responders DISCOUNT

For Memorial Day 2019 we support Military and First Responders! If you are DOD, military, veteran or a first responde...

Toyota Cement Gray 1H5 Color Match Vinyl Wrap Bumpers & Grille

Cement Gray 1H5 is cool... a touch of metallic that shows in the sun. This is a subtle color effect and now you can b...

GM WA8624 Summit White - Color Matching Vinyl Wrap Bumper & Grille

GM WA8624 summit white / olympic white is a very common color and now you can buy a matching vinyl wrap from

Ford H5 Caribou Metallic Chrome Delete Vinyl Wrap Go PA!

Amazing customer in good 'ol PA did a fine job on chrome deleting his SuperDuty - Ford H5 Caribou Metallic! Go PA! ...

GM WA8555 Black Color Match Wrap vinyl chrome delete

An installer in Ontario, Canada has done a very nice job with ColorMatchWrap using our vinyl to chrome delete GM WA85...

Ford RR Ruby Red Chrome Delete Vinyl Wrap Project F150 Bumpers

ColorMatchWrap in action on Ford RR Ruby Red! Bumper Chrome Delete vinyl wrap in a replica of the paint code color on...

Ford J7 Bumper & Mirror Color Matching Vinyl Chrome Delete

Trucks these days have too much chrome. has body paint color matching vinyl for great chrome delete projects! We make vinyl in ANY automotive color!

Color Match Chrome Delete Car Wrap in Kelowna Calgary Vancouver CANADA

Rick's Righteous Wraps launches Body Paint Color Match Vinyl Wraps in Western Canada including Vancouver, Kelowna and...

Easily Fix Paint Scratches & Chips in Seconds!

Fix Paint Chips & Scratches in Five Seconds!

AMMO NYC how to fix paint scratches with vinyl from Color Match Wrap

Larry Kosilla from AMMO NYC tries to keep his sanity with touch up paint and then tests sticker kit for his vehicle. In seconds his paint scratch is covered and looks great!

Bumper Color Match Vinyl Wrap - Chrome Delete Chrysler PW7

Chrome delete and trim parts color matching vinyl wrap project on your mind? This Dodge Ram Chrysler PW7 color match...

Body Paint Color Match Vinyl Car Wrap - Bumper Trim Chrome Delete

Chrome delete and trim parts color matching vinyl wrap project on your mind? This Dodge Ram Video shows how great the...
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All orders are custom made in usa


Eco-Friendly Auto Refinishing

Less Pollution, Faster Results

Color Match Wrap: A greener way to fix auto paint and refinish parts with significantly fewer harmful emissions than traditional paint methods!


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