Free Color Match Wrap Sample, Paint Color Matching Vinyl Wrap

Get a free sample of Color Match Wrap!

Offer for Fall 2017:
Share Color Match Wrap's product page or videos and we'll send you a free sample. (note this offer is expired as at jan 1 2018 but click the link to order a sample for a fee)

How to get your free Color Match Wrap Sample:

  1. Share Color Match Wrap on your social media, website blog or page AND let us know where to view it and where to send your free sample. Use our Contact Us page for this.
  2. We'll send you a free sample to check out and do a test install. Typically this is an OEM color match wrap of our choosing about 9" X 3" This free offer is open to anyone.
  3. Share your test results on the venues listed above and you may qualify for a discount on your first order!