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RuggedWrap Vinyl Wrap Takes on Paint Protection & Bed Liner Market

RuggedWrap is innovating in the Pickup and SUV protection and personalization market.

Pickup trucks and SUVs are the hottest selling auto segment, and the market to protect and personalize the finishes on these expensive vehicles is growing. Ford alone sells close to 1 million of the F150 model trucks in the US market each year. Owners of the F150 and other models can spend $60,000 and more and want to protect and personalize them. In many cases Pickups and SUV's are daily-use family vehicles and also double as work vehicles that see gravel roads, off road and extreme weather conditions regularly.

ruggedwrap takes on bed liner market for paint protection

RuggedWrap is a new way to protect and personalize paint, offering great protection from chips and scratches and a rugged, unique look in an easy to apply, removable vinyl wrap. 

In the pickup and jeep market, it's become well known that spray-on, epoxy bed liner materials applied to body panels offer great protection and rugged looks but are heavy, permanent and difficult to repair. RuggedWrap has a unique rugged look similar to bed liners but but is easier to clean, lighter, removable and available in oem matching colors. Standard vinyl wraps are about 2 thousands of an inch thick and provide little impact or self healing properties. RuggedWrap offers thickness many times over other wraps but remains conformable to body panels and a personalized look that suits pickups and SUVs.

The truck in this video features black RuggedWrap as well as a custom green color RuggedWrap.

Four years in development, RuggedWrap provides rugged good looks, protects from UV 100% and guards from chips and scratches. It's available in stock colors as well as special order OEM match colors!

removable bed liner vinyl wrapremovable bed liner rhino liner line x

vinyl wrap like bed liner rhino liner line x

can vinyl wrap protect paint


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