Better than touch up paint! Fix scratches chips Color Match Vinyl Stickers!

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Forget the mess of touch up paint, use color matched stickers to cover paint scratches, scrapes and chips!

Touch up paint can be messy, smelly and permanent. Fix scratches and chips better and easier than with touch up paint by using Larry Kosilla's video from AMMO NYC demonstrates! 

Larry walks us through the process of fixing a bumper scuff.

There are a few things to consider when fixing a bumper paint scratch... Is the scrape deep enough to need some filling material? If so ColorMatchWrap sells some good options you can order along with your vinyl! 

Another thing to think about is the contour of the area. If possible try to use one piece of ColorMatchWrap or PaintChipSticker to cover instead of multiple pieces and you'll have fewer edges.

fix scratches better than touch up paint
In this case Larry's bumper dent required a bit of filling. The adhesive of  Color MatchWrap and PaintChipStickers is low initial tac, so you have plenty of opportunity to reposition when it comes time to getting placement just right! Try repositioning with touch up paint ;)

how to hide paint scratch

Adhesion is completed with pressure and the vinyl will be permanent until you force them off by strongly peeling them off. No need to worry... they won't come off during washing provided you apply over a clean surface and apply smooth pressure to complete the adhesion.

a better than touch up paint fix for paint scratch chip
To ensure the surface is clean, simply wash and wipe dry. If there are waxes or other residue, use a little isopropyl alcohol or an alcohol wipe from a first aid kit to clean. Choose a good size from the pre cut kit or cut freely from the available rectangle kit we offer to suit your repair.

get rid of bumper scratch

The adhesive has air release channels to allow air to escape. If you see an air bubble, you can lift the vinyl and smooth out or if the bubble is quite small, simply rub and the air will release from the air release channels built into ColorMatchWrap and PaintChipStickers!

how to remove deep scratch from car
PaintChipStickers is a fix that only takes seconds and can be hundreds or even a thousand or more dollars less than repainting a panel.

how to remove scratches from car bumper
PaintChipStickers are great to keep handy in case you get a chip or scratch. They are also very ecological compared to prepping and respraying a panel! An ecological way to fix paint!

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