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Rugged Rad Guards! BMW GS 1200 1250 Radiator Protector Guards

Rugged Rad Guards! Aerospace material, strong and light Radiator Protectors For BMW GS 1200 1250 Radiators Buy Now

    • Real Protection Made in USA: Strong enough to drive over! Only a few grams of weight, very thin cell walls with excellent airflow! Protect against long term rock damage, reduce likelihood of cutting your trip short from catastrophic damage -- and preserve those expensive radiators.
    • Protection from all sorts of debris: The honeycomb pattern is tight enough to exclude even small rocks from hitting the radiator as well as strong enough for large rock and brush protection.
    • Flush Front So Debris won't tangle: Front surface is flush and flat so sheds debris and does not allow leaves or brush to tangle in the guard.
    • Installs in Seconds: Rugged Rad Guards install in seconds and require no tools or hardware. The honeycomb structure natural tension holds the Rugged Rad Guards in the radiator housing securely. Simply slide into the tab in BMW GS radiator shroud and snap into place (See Our Install Video).
    • Easily Removed for cleaning

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