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World's First 'Bed Liner on Body Panel' Look Vinyl Wrap 3M

Thinking of Bed Liner on Body Panels? 

RuggedWrapDIY is the World's First Vinyl Wrap that offers a 'Bed Liner on Body Panel' look with strong protection from Rocks and Chips -- in an Easy to Apply DIY Kit.

RuggedWrapDIY - Tough Wrap with Bed Liner on Rocker Panels Look
A lot of people with trucks, jeeps and SUV's have Bed Liner sprayed on body panels. RuggedWrapDIY offers an alternative. It has a rugged look with real protection from scratches and chips plus RuggedWrap is removable!

RuggedWrap, a Tough Vehicle Wrap Bed Liner On Body Rugged Looks
Bedliner On Body Panel 3M Based Vinyl Wrap: RuggedWrapDIY


Anyone can apply RuggedWrapDIY easily or have any wrap installer apply RuggedWrap. It applied exactly like any Vinyl Wrap and when heated, conforms to any curved surface.

RuggedWrapDIY uses a reliable 3M adhesive base and is much easier to apply than Clear Bra PPF, providing the perfect protective Vinyl Wrap.

Now you can have a bed liner on body panel look with Easy Application & Removability!

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