How to Apply Vinyl Wrap for Rock Chip and Scratch Protection
ColorX Labs - Super Tough Vinyl Wraps

DIY Vinyl Wrap Application Kit

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RuggedWrapDIY is a tough protective vinyl wrap with a rugged look.

Here is everything you need to apply RuggedWrapDIY easily on your own!

  • SQUEEGEE with one felt edge to press the RuggedWrapDIY smoothly down
  • APPLICATION FLUID this is a cleaner and application fluid that will make a great install a snap! The application fluid allows for easy positioning and helps get air bubbles out fast.
  • GAP KNIFE (optional) A knife that rolls a blade perfectly in between body panel gaps and creates a perfect, neat cut.
  • FINE LINE TAPE (optional) specially made so that you can create a reference line across the length of your car easily and apply the top edge of RuggedWrapDIY to that line. RuggedWrapDIY won't stick to this special fine line tape so if you cover the line a little, it won't matter since you can pull the fine line tape out from underneath the RuggedWrapDIY.


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