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Color Match Wrap: World's Only Paint Matching Vinyl Wrap, INSTALLER & DISTRIBUTOR TERMS

Color Match Wrap, Installer, Dealer & Distributor Terms

    1. These Terms may be updated at any time on this page. Order placement means that these terms are accepted.
    2. We, Us, Our refers to ColorX Labs.
    3. Marketing
      1. Use of ColorMatchWrap.com and logo are required on all online and offline images, video and stories. Use of SEO and Social tags/codes as defined is required.
      2. Installers, Dealers and Distributors (IDD) grant ColorX Labs, without reservation or limitation or expiration, the right to use photos, text, video or other graphical representations of installation of Color X products.
      3. An IDD is established to offer a market our products and help build both the business and brand of the IDD and our own. We encourage IDD to establish a marketing strategy that will build their brand and enhance ours. Any use of words that exist in our brand names must be approved and can live only as long as this agreement is in place.
      4. Our intention in approving and IDD is to support a firm that supports our products, believes in them and wants to use them to grow their business and ours. This kind of partnership will garner our greatest support.
      5. POS display. We have a pos display kit that each location must have in place. It is a purchase item. In addition, IDD may design additional displays but they must adhere to the branding guidelines here.
    4. IDD are encouraged to document all installations and this is an expectation.
    5. IDD are expected to employ warrantable installation techniques and stand behind the product. Liability insurance proof is required. At least one certified installer on staff can be an asset.
    6. Any dispute shall be settled in arbitration and cannot be presented to a civil court as a complaint. At time of writing, arbitration consultants in Arizona USA will be employed at a 50-50 cost. 
    7. Territories Regions and Markets (TRM) are not be protected or restricted to favor any IDD at the expense of another. However an established IDD may be offered an opportunity to expand into a particular TRM or may propose expansion and may be given the right of first refusal to do so. A TRM in which and IDD is operating is not the sole territory or range of that IDD. We may choose not to establish any other IDD in any given area at our discretion.
    8. Discounts are proposed and approved by us when we sign it. A TBA% discount is available with a min order sum of $TBA USD per month of Color Match Wrap product. Payable by bank xfer only (cc fees). If you wish to pay by card we need to deduct 3% from the discount so a reduced discount would apply. 
    9. Warranty: Color Match Wrap is warrantied for 3 years or 36,000 miles against delamination. For warranty coverage, we need photos of the project as soon as it is finished in order to register the warranty. The IDD must apply best practice techniques. Do not stretch. Only tension. Use mild heat gun heat (not torches) to relax film. Do not heat and stretch. Provide closeup pictures of curvy applications to show proper use of inset pieces. Jobs not documented within 2 weeks of application will not be warrantied. Note that the IDD's liability insurance must be valid for our warranty to be applicable. In the case of a warranty claim being made, we will evaluate the situation and the final decision of warranty-ability is ours. 


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      Date of agreement accepted by IDD:

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Eco-Friendly Auto Refinishing

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Color Match Wrap: A greener way to fix auto paint and refinish parts with significantly fewer harmful emissions than traditional paint methods!


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