Base vinyl for application practice of Color Match Wrap
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Vinyl for application practice of Color Match Wrap

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Buy a practice sheet to prototype your application of Color Match Wrap

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Practice makes perfect! 

The same air release adhesive base as Color Match Wrap -- without the color matching laminate. This vinyl is inexpensive and useful for practicing before applying more expensive Color Match Wrap. Note: There can be some differences in film thickness and tension between practice sheets and the actual Color Match Wrap. You should also practice with a small piece of Color Match Wrap cut from your main roll to also get a feel for the final product.


  • **Color Match Wrap is about twice the thickness of a standard wrap, with a much stronger, impact resilient film. than standard vinyl with incredible film strength, providing real protection against rocks and scratches. Although thicker than a standard wrap, Color Match Wrap is very compliant to curves and withstands mild application and post heat normally.

  • Color Match Wrap uses Top Quality air release adhesive, making it a reliable, easy to apply wrap.

  • Color Match Wrap can be overlaid with other vinyl graphics. Metallics are non-directional, providing big material cost savings.

  • Knifeless Tape compatible (video here). 

  • Removability better protected: Color Match Wrap better protects the base adhesive and vinyl resins and dramatically reduces the escape of resins and hardening of the wrap, thus aiding in easy removal even over time and in harsh environments.

  • Gloss, Satin or Matte finished available. Color Match Wrap is available in a variety of gloss variants. If something other than gloss is required, please let us know at time of ordering.

  • *How good is the match? Color Match Wrap is designed to closely match automotive colors - as they were new. Over time paint will change -- even among two new cars of the same color there can be variance in the paint. Given this, you'll find that Color Match Wrap is an incredible match. You can expect some difference from your car's paint but you can also expect it to be acceptably close. 

Color Match Wrap is a vinyl and is produced in smaller lots. We don't sell perfection. We sell very high quality. We guarantee a 98% defect free surface. It is a specialized and crafted product but there is possibility of small flaws in the surface however these are usually small and won't exceed the rate above.

How thick is Color Match Wrap? **Measurement case: 3M 1080 vinyl thickness: 0.06mm, Color Match Wrap 0.12-15mm (gloss finish).

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