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CAMARO RS" x 4 sets "ROAD RUNNER" x 4 MADE IN USA! Tire Letters (custom spelling) Raised Permanent Glue on Letters

Sale price $79.99 USD Regular price $179.99 USD
  • MADE IN USA!  1 INCH WHITE LETTERS Your Custom Spelling. Up to 80 letters, bold font, easy to read, fills tire space with balance!

  • Watch the video above and learn an easy way to install any spelling on your tires! The tires in the video were a special project in gold at an added cost for the custom color. We can make letters in any color as an add-on option.
  • After adding to cart, before checkout add notes to your order to let us know what you want to spell. OR send an email after you get your order confirmation.
  • Superior formula in the rubber, won't allow carbon black from tire to stain the color of the letter. Buy quality!
  • Glue is included, enough to finish one car with some leftover.