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TRAINING Color Match Wrap, training 1

TRAINING Color Match Wrap, training 1

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This is an introductory course with the topics below covered in 4 days with some breaks in between, as schedule allows.

Course starts Dec 19 2020 with mask and social distancing regulations followed.

Lessons held at our installation warehouse 48224 North 33rd Avenue New River Az 85087.

This course is offered to installer and distributor partners selling ColorMatchWrap, RuggedWrap, RustedWrap and PaintChipStickers worldwide.

Costs are negotiated in setup fees or charged seperately.

  • Theory topics of vinyl wrap: adhesives and the nature of air release, suitable substrates
  • Practice with above to understand air release and adhesion
  • Wrapping various shapes and compound contour theory
  • Knifeless tape theory
  • Lamination vs. non laminated. Practice with base vinyl non printed and then move on to laminated.
  • Practice with RuggedWrap to understand differences between laminated and non lamainated and RuggedWrap
  • Practice compount curves and relief insets and overlaps
  • Bumper 90 degree compound relief problems and solutions
  • Topics of how to quickly and effectively wrap bumper shapes and how to design multiple piece bumper wraps. 
  • The difference between neat and not so neat overlaps on multiple piece bumper or compound curve applications.
  • Practice whole bumper wrapping
  • Small part practice using multiple pieces and knifeless tape
  • Large panel practice and discussion of techniques and fluid use. Discussion and practice of high temperature wrap techniques and use of fluid for high temperature.
  • Tack reducer topics and practice.
  • Coating wrap topics and practice with Nanocoat.
  • Introduction to RuggedWrap and PaintChipStickers and specific installation issues.
  • Introduction to RustedWrap and specific installation and finishing issues.
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