Remover for PaintArmorDIY & PaintArmorPRO
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Remover for PaintArmorDIY & PaintArmorPRO

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EASY TO USE REMOVER FOR PaintArmor: Dissolves and removes PaintArmor in minutes. Won't damage original paint. You may find it easier to dissolve small bits of PaintArmor rather than peel it if it's thin or in spots. Dissolving Pain tArmor can be done with PaintArmor Remover.

SAFE TO USE: Gloves should be used but respirator not required. Use in room with ventilation.

TEMPERATURE REQUIREMENTS: PaintArmor Removal can be peeled at only between 70 and 85 Degrees Fahrenheit (20-30 Celcius). Dissolving using this Remover should be done at similar temperatures.

Application 1: Spray PaintArmor Remover on a section or spot of PaintArmor and cover with plastic (like kitchen wrap) for 1 minute. Rubbing through the kitchen wrap will help speed dissolving and you can see the result through the plastic. Remove the plastic and wipe clean with a cloth.

Application 2: If a small amount of residue remains spray some Remover on the surface and wipe clean immediately. Do not leave Remover on your paint for longer than recommended.åÊ

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