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Rick's Righteous Wraps
Lower Mainland, Kelowna BC & Calgary & Edmonton AB area. On Site professional wrap services.
Rick has been wrapping in Japan, the US and Canada. He's interned at one of Arizona's best wrap companies, wrapped for Speed Sports in Japan and is now offering on site mobile wrapping services, based in Kelowna, traveling around Western Canada! In addition to automobiles, Rick has extensive experience wrapping motorcycles. If you've seen some of our install videos, you've seen Rick doing the installs! Use our contact page to get more info or request a callback.


Vehicle Vinyl Wrap Kelowna Chrome Delete Color Match Vinyl

Become an installer! We are selective but open to shops capable of offering and marketing Color Match Wrap.

Video: Car Wrap in Kelowna Color Match Chrome Delete

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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Take Action on Climate Change! Color Match Wrap can fix auto paint and refinish parts faster with FAR fewer VOC emissions than paint!

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